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Southland Community Nursery Open Friday 11 January 2019

The Community Nursery will be open on Friday 11 January 2019 for volunteers. Lots of watering has been done over the Christmas break and consequently lots of weeds are growing!! Lots of jobs from potting to weeding to seed collecting to seed sorting, to track maintenance.

It seems that the seeding period is upon us too! Natives flowering in spring are now making seeds so keep a lookout on your travels. On our property we have already collected Clematis, red tussock, toe toe, tree daisy and some Coprosma berries (and many more to be done). If you want to check out when seeds are usually collected follow this link – you will see that seeding seems to be early this year.

There are lots of plants in the nursery ready for planting ($5 a plant for PB3 size). In Southland we are lucky that planting can be done most of the time except for winter as we are usually ensured enough rain! If you are not ready to plant then prepare the ground and get the plants in this season.

We also have some exciting workshops planned already in 2019. Although mostly booked up if you express interest we can arrange an other workshop later in the year. Also if you have an idea for running a workshop, our Education Centre space makes an excellent venue.

Happy 2019