Enjoying the interactive tunnel - photo Dawn PattersonEnjoying the interactive tunnel - photo Dawn PattersonFantailFantailThe Bush muralThe Bush muralThe tunnel!The tunnel!Giant bug JigsawsGiant bug JigsawsSciart

Almost all of the artwork in the new Nature Education Centre was done by local artist Janet Hodgetts.

Janet lives in Invercargill and specialises in ‘nature interpretation’. A self-taught artist, Janet is a scientist by training. She has a style that is realistic but fun. You’ll often find an interactive element to her work which makes them very captivating for children.

Janet is self-employed, works in a variety of mediums and can taylor projects to fit your needs. For example, she has done:

  • murals
  • interpretation panels
  • interactive tunnel
  • paintings
  • children’s activity sheets

Contact Janet directly by phone: 022 612 3579 or email:

Hugs, Bugs ‘n’ Stuff

Bug Man Ruud Kleinpaste with beetle. Photo by Chris DugganBug Man Ruud Kleinpaste with beetle. Photo by Chris DugganKiwi Saver!Kiwi Saver!Giant bugs have invaded the Nature Education Centre! Check out the work of Trevor Huggins, who makes scultpures from recycled tools and old machinery.

See more examples of Trevor’s work at: www.folstergardens.co.nz