Establishing a Community Nursery

Community nursery basic facilities.Community nursery basic facilities.It is easy to create your own community nursery. The facilities and structures can be very basic and simple and you can start small, as we did, and progressively build the structures that make producing plants easy. Have a look at all the aspects of this website and come along to the Southland Community Nursery to gain the knowledge and skills you need. Growing your own plants is a skill that will benefit you and your family forever.

Basic knowledge

You’ll need to know the basics before embarking on your own nursery project. This includes:

  • Knowledge of the plants you want to grow
  • Growing techniques
  • Identifying and collecting seed
  • Propagating from seed and cuttings
  • Timing of nursery activities – in particular, relating to Southland’s climate and seasons.

Essential facilities

Basic seedling frames with shade cloth.Basic seedling frames with shade cloth.The following are essential to establishing a successful nursery:

  • Plant standing areas with weedmat
  • Plant frames or cloches to protect seeds and cuttings
  • A place for potting mix (preferably accessible by vehicle)
  • A potting bench and an undercover potting shed
  • A reliable water supply.

Nice to Have

Inside the potting shed.Inside the potting shed.The following are nice to have, but not essential:

  • A shadehouse for protecting tender seedlings in winter
  • An automatic watering system
  • Raised standing areas/irrigation beds.


You’ll need the following materials and supplies before you start growing:

  • Potting mix (commercial – no weeds)
  • Planter bags, pots and trays
  • Pea gravel to cover pots for weed control
  • River gravel for cuttings
  • Secateurs

Nursery Activities Calendar for Southland

Potting seedlings***
Seed Collecting*
Planting Out**
Sowing Seed*
Taking Cuttings*
Plan for Next Year*
Take a Holiday!*

Contact us

Contact us for more information and advice. Better still, stop in for a visit and see the nursery for yourself!