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Introduction to Permaculture Workshop

On Saturday 19 January 2019 we had our first workshop of the year. Geoff Dembo presented “Introduction to Permaculture” to the 9 participants. The morning featured a slide presentation and discussion explaining the key concepts of Permaculture or “Permanent Agriculture” including the concepts of diversity, sustainability, plants and animals, community and conservation. After morning tea a more in depth discussion on site design, including needs and yields analysis and zoning (arranging all the elements of a system by the level of care needed and their interrelations). After a shared lunch we all set off to visit Lesley and Martin Catterals property in Otatara where all the things discussed in the morning were looked at in practice along with the aspirations of the landowners. It is fair to say the donkeys stole the show! After a walk around their property further discussion on design ideas took place in the Education Centre. Although the weather was less than ideal it was a great day.

We will definitely hold more permaculture workshops in future so if you missed out this time and are interested, email Chris.