School Activities

The Nature Education Centre is a great venue for preschool groups, school groups and workshops.

For Schools (pre/primary/secondary)

Have fun getting close to nature - the Nature Education Centre is suitable for all ages.

Learn about conservation studies, including:

  • native plants
  • birds
  • insects
  • animal pests
  • restoration ecology
  • wetland studies

Get busy! Our hands-on activities include:

  • growing native plants - seed collecting, taking cuttings and potting up
  • learning how to identify native plants
  • learning how to create gardens or habitats - including riverside (riparian) plantings
  • attracting native birds

Assistance with lesson planning and delivery of lessons on site may be available through the following:

  • Environment Southland, Environmental Education Team (03 2115115)
  • Outside the classroom education lessons - Lloyd Esler (03 2130404)

Learning Resources

We have developed a range of site-specific learning resources to help you get the most out of your visit. Download them as PDFs or use the hard-copies available at the Nature Education Centre.