Before You Visit

Find out what you need to know before you visit.

Group size

We prefer groups of up to 20 students. If you have more than 20, students will be split into two groups and a teacher-lead activity will be held.

Be prepared

Remember that this is a Southland outside experience! Expect to get your hands dirty. Please bring:

  • appropriate clothing and footwear - gumboots or sturdy shoes
  • raincoat
  • sunhat and sunscreen in summer

Health and Safety

Schools are responsible for writing their own Risk Assessment documentation. We require teachers to visit the site to assess its suitability before the school visit. The Southland Community Nursery Health and Safety Plan documents the potential hazards to be found on the property.


We have a large bus park and car park situated at 183 Grant Road. Unless otherwise stated we can meet you there. For smaller groups, parking at the nursery is fine.


There is no kerbside recycling in Otatara. Please take all your rubbish with you.