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Limehills School Legends - 11 September

Friday morning was spent learning alongside a switched on and enthusiastic group from Limehills School. The students that visited have various roles back at school from planting and possum pest control - legends! Their visit focused on identification of New Zealand native plants and what kind of conditions each likes to live in. Looking closely at leaves, crushing leaves (the lemonwood was nice, whereas they didn’t like the stinkwood odour!), using bark and flowers to identify species were all used as we walked around in the pond restoration plantings and remnant bush. Acute observation skills were in play as differences between these two habitats were noticed and discussed. Signage around the tracks and nursery were looked at showing the different information that can be displayed about a plant, such as their different names (Te Reo Māori, common and scientific names). A look at the nursery plant propagation – seeds and cuttings – and potting up of last season’s manuka was followed by an impromptu play in the education centre using the tree and NZ native birds. I look forward to hearing and even seeing what Limehills School does next at their place.