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Education Outreach to Schools

With Covid and alert levels restrictions to keep us all safe, education at the Southland Community Nursery has looked different. While small groups are still visiting we are rescheduling large school group visits, awaiting alert level 1. In the meantime I have also been visiting schools.

At Rimu School on the 19 August, without being able to experience first-hand the pond at the Southland Community Nursery along with its wetland plantings, we learnt about plants to plant around a wetland! With another group of students I got to see the area they have developed following their last visit to the Education Centre and work on native plant identification. It was great to see the areas Rimu School are developing at their place.

At the Senior campus of JHC on the 24 August hands on learning continued with the sowing of NZ native plant seeds. If you want to try this yourself – check out the “School Nature Challenge: Growing Native Plants from Seed” at The JHC group also learnt about taking cuttings of NZ native plants (and the time of year that is best to do this). This lesson on plant cuttings was successfully trialled using a newly created education kit for cuttings.

A SIT initiative with high school students continued on 4 September with a visit of this group to the Nursery for them to see all that we do – from plant propagation, wetland creation, to education.

On 25 August Chris and I visited Myross Bush School, discussing future planting plans with their Principal. This was followed up with a day long visit to school on 7 September with every student learning something new about the special kahikatea tree.

All term 3 I have been supporting the JHC Junior Campus sport and recreation Young Environment Squad (YES) group – more on this in a later story. I have also been making links with people and agencies on future education opportunities and events.

Connecting people with nature continues. I have had fun, been inspired, and seen action for the environment in schools as a result of this education outreach opportunity.