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Clever plants, lifecycles and pests - Waihopai School 1 Dec 2020

Plants that change their leaves, plants that grow flowers to attract pollinators and plants that smell nice were all experienced on a day long visit to the nursery. Plants that are edible, and our special NZ native plants were explored using our senses to learn all about how they grow. Different vege plants were spotted in the vegetable garden, lettuce seedlings were potted up and in the apple orchard the baby apples were spotted. We learnt about pollination by insects (such as bees, flies, moths and butterflies) and birds. Leaves were observed closely as the forest was discovered, and bugs from the pond were looked at. Meeting the pests, seeing what traps are around the property, and learning what damage pests can do in our forests and school back yards finished off an amazing day.

Bronwyn and Chris