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Attracting Birds to School - Salford - December 4th 2020

An 11 year old wrote to us from Salford School in Invercargill on behalf of their inquiry group. Their group was thinking of an idea of how to attract more native birds into their school and had come up with planting phormium tenax flax into the corner of their school to attract tuis. They had great questions about growing and planting flax. After answering their questions and highlighting our www section on planting to attract birds - see the small group visited us at the Southland Community Nursery to see first hand native plants and birds. The group learnt that flax is just one species that attracts birds - you can also plant fuchsia and kowhai for example. We started to learn about the links between plants and birds, what flax seed looks like, and the seasonal calendar of plants and what happens in nature. This group was inspired by their visit, and returned to school with a kowhai tree to plant alongside their flax.

We also have a “School Nature Challenge: Creating a School Garden Area - Map Your Place” activity - see that would help you plan an area to attract birds. You could do this at your school too!