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The Track Doctors!

A few weeks ago our place was a flurry of activity – timber, mini digger, track machines, big loads of gravel and two very industrious “track doctors” - Phil and Joan Fluerty. A beautiful new track is now in place along the ditch side of our second pond in the covenant area. It gives better access and space for school and other groups as well as a quiet place for contemplation where a seat was gifted to us. There was quite a lot of volunteer help as well with setting up the route and later helping with gravelling, but most of the credit must go to Phil and Joan. Thanks also to QEII National Trust for a contribution to the track costs. Another construction type job came hot on the heels – Gary Brown and his portable sawmill and help from Stephen Elford cutting into planks the macrocarpa we had felled years ago – for our next project – watch this space!

We also had Liz Meek staying for a week helping out with Threatened Plant work – the shadehouse was cleaned out and plants re-potted, the shrub border weeded and mulched, some un-named Melicytus potted, seeds cleaned and a host of other jobs caught up on!