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Seed Saving and Not Wasting Anything!

Four weeks into lockdown and I am missing the “Community” aspect of the Community Nursery! – Bronwyn’s daily visits, the sharing, the camaraderie, the shared food, the ideas, the friendship, the school groups and workshops, but so many people are in far worse positions, so we feel very lucky.

The Nursery is ticking along and my next job will be sowing the seeds (collected and cleaned). Like many people we are also getting done many jobs around the property that have been long overdue! Usually, at this time of year we have our Apple Pressing Community event – Malcolm brings his cider press and we all make delicious apple juice! This year it is just us and the birds eating our apples and I think the birds are winning! Not really, they get their share but I am very busy picking, cooking, freezing apples. It feels like a time not to waste anything. The garden is prolific in its produce and nothing goes to waste and that goes for vegetable plants that are going to seed. Normally I would be tidying them but now they all seem like a valuable resource. Also, before lockdown Linda and I ordered a lot of vegetable seeds from Kings Seeds – it just seemed like a sensible thing to do (I think it was Rays idea). So we have lots of vegetable seeds to sow now and in spring – watch this space it may be a new line for the Nursery! We are a very optimistic group us gardeners and at these times the garden is an inspirational place. For the recent Otatara Pigeon Post Newsletter I found some drawings by Gwen Challoner done in 2008 of a large lawn and accompanying ride-on lawnmower and then a biodiverse garden full of diversity – produce, chickens, places for people and nature – my hope is that when some form of new normality comes people will value their garden spaces much more and create their own havens for themselves and for nature.

Everyone is cooking!! Hopefully you will have tried out some of the recipes from our first Community Nursery Cookbook. To reconnect with Nursery friends we are going to do another Community Nursery Cookbook – “Lockdown Edition” – so send me your recipes, photos and tips for surviving the lockdown – I know Maggie’s been foraging in Clyde, Eleanor has sent me her sourdough starter recipe, Sally has baked for me (and eaten) her lemon and poppyseed muffins, Ive been doing my zucchini fritters and cooking up my own blackboy peaches, Lesleys Kumikumi’s were amazing and I am sure Bronwyn and Abby have been cooking up a storm!

The bear in my hut window is for someone who’s on the frontline. Our thanks to them and everyone-else working so hard to keep us all safe.

We have a way to go, but stay safe, and be kind.

Chris and Brian