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Otatara School Go Wild – 11 December 2018

It was an end of year, end of school, trip to the Community Nursery for 50 Otatara Schoolchildren recently! Next stop, Secondary school! Bronwyn and I waited with anticipation as the 50 (plus helpers and teachers) biked into view and the Community Nursery carpark became a bike park!

It took a while for everyone to arrive as they had biked from the school, to the Sandy Point mountain bike track and then back to the Nursery. We expected them to be exhausted but they still seemed to be able to summon the energy to race around the pattern in the paddock before a little “work”. They had come to help out and one group did some planting, whilst the other did trackwork, then a bush walk and joined the planting group to help put in more plants. Then, it was off down the road again for the ride back to school!