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Nursery still closed for volunteers but opening soon!

We are missing you guys, but we are still closed on Fridays!! However, under Covid-19 directions the Nursery will be open on Friday mornings soon, but running a bit differently for volunteers for the foreseeable future.

We thought the best way for us to continue at the moment (with social distancing, gathering numbers, time restrictions, hygiene, and tracing rules, not to mention the non-shared morning teas!) would be for a pre-booking system for Fridays.

Realistically we can only have 4 people in the sheds potting up and as the potting requirement is lessening as we go into winter we aim to run a series of workshops on Fridays for 6 people interspersed with “work days” with specific tasks assigned – these tasks will be weather dependent so will probably be put on the website News and Events on Mondays for the following Friday (and trust the weather forecast is good enough for planning tasks) and you will need to register your interest for the Friday by email. Unfortunately, you can’t just turn up on a Friday anymore.

The type of workshops will include plant propagation – seeds and cuttings, beginners guide to vegetable gardening in Southland, permaculture for beginners, foraging or using garden produce, pruning of fruit trees and bushes etc as well as the usual nursery tasks such as weeding, potting up, moving native plants around and tidying the nursery.

Other workshops could be how to make sourdough, kefir, kombucha, yoghurt (without actually making them!) or any other things you can think of that people may be interested in – they’d be 2 hour sessions 10am-noon.

Any other ideas welcome and if you’d be interested in particular workshops let me know in advance and that will help with our planning.

There could also be other opportunities to help as individuals on other days, but that will need to be pre-booked too.

If you want to wear a mask or gloves please bring your own, we will have hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities on – site.

Keep safe and any questions please ask.