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E tu kahikatea - Myross Bush School 9 & 10 November 2020

It was the turn of Akotoa this week with the Year 5 and 6 classes showcasing their curiosity, thinking and growth mindset as we explored the pond and bush tracks and learnt heaps about our NZ native forest. We noticed heaps of interesting things and the students wondered and predicted what they might be, and what role they had in the forest. We noticed and discussed bait stations, traps, chew markers, why we manage pest species, different tree species, native birds and insects. And of course we met the Myross Bush School Ako tree - the kahikatea - making connections with tiny seedlings right through to 400-500 year old giants in the forest canopy, and learning the way in which a kahikatea grove can grow following the ways of nature. These classes now see what is possible - turning a paddock into a legendry forest.

Myross Bush School tamariki had fun learning about the animal pests, how they impact on the NZ native forest life, what their adaptations and footprints are like and how we can manage. Check out all about pest species “Who am I? - animal pests” at