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Community Nursery Break-up and Soap Making 18 December 2020

Our final nursery morning for 2020 was on December the 18th. We didn’t do much (any) work and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of a summer day in the nursery, the orchard, gardens and around the pond. Morning tea and Christmas decorations and bubbles were the order for the day as we all celebrated Christmas early and looked forward to a restful and relaxing time. It’s a good time to remember that we are the best place in the world to live and to enjoy every moment.

On the same day in the afternoon we held our last workshop of 2020 with Honorlea bringing her Natural body products to the Nursery for a soap making workshop. Everyone enjoyed the process of making their own soaps, Honorlea’s knowledge and skills and her ethics in making as much as possible from naturally sourced ingredients and her passion for creating wonderful things without impacting on the earth. Her range of ethical packaging added to the story of her “Kakariki Natural Beauty” products. Everyone enjoyed the scents that filled the nature centre and were thrilled with their own made soaps to take away.

We hope to do more workshops next year and if you have particular ideas for new workshops as well as those we already run, please email me with ideas.