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Apple Pressing Friday 3 May 2019

Its been a bumper season for just about everything! To make the most of your apple harvest come along to our Community Apple Pressing on Friday 3 May 2019 - $5 donation for the Cider Press

1-3pm at Southland Community Nursery. Bring your own apples and containers for juice - we will be restricting people to two containers of apples this year. If you have frozen apples (and we would recommend you do that now - you get much more juice, a clearer juice and you dont have to chip the apples, just squash them in the presss! so much less work), make sure they are defrosted thoroughly. No need to book - just turn up. Thanks in advance to Malcolm McKenzie for bringing along his cider press for us to use. The photos are some of our apples and my first blackboy peaches (but the birds got half!).