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Community Nursery Year End 2023

In the final few weeks we have been busy with volunteer Fridays, Bronwyn’s litter intelligence group and a few end of year functions. The Nursery Break -up for the year on Friday 15 December was well attended and some work was even done!! Congratulations everyone on a great spread of food and for your support during the year. Honorlea brought her Kakariki natural beauty products, which were a great hit – great Christmas pressies!

Drum Roll…….. For those waiting with bated breath, the Jo Ogier print raffle was won by Rachel Baxter, from the Haehaeata Trust Nursery at Clyde – so the wonderful shag will be winging its way to Clyde very soon! The raffle made over $300 so thanks Jo for your generous gift to the Nursery.

A rather smaller group attended Environment Southlands Pesties Christmas get-together on Sunday 17th but we enjoyed good weather and catch-ups and look forward to all continuing our pest control efforts next year.

In the previous 10 days Chris and Brian skived off to Northland leaving a posse of “waterers” at the ready. While C&B were enjoying 23 degree days it appears that Southland did have some rain and the “hand watering” wasn’t as onerous as anticipated. However, strong winds have kept the ground, and pots drier than we would like! Attached a few photos of the magnificent pohutukawa flowering up north – NZ’s Christmas Tree did us proud. And just to skite a little bit the veggie gardens are looking great and my top crops so far are a magnificent crop of strawberries and the Broccoflower – my only successful attempt to grow it so far.

Happy Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year.

The weekly Nursery Volunteer morning will re-open on Friday 19 January 2024, but feel free to call in socially anytime over the holidays.

Chris and Brian