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Bronwyn’s moving on – July 2022

After many years of volunteering and then working for us as an Educator at the Southland Community Nursery (SCN), Bronwyn is moving to new pastures.

Bronwyn has taken the SCN Education to great heights – inspiring thousands of Southland children with her outside the classroom learning. I will personally miss Bronwyn’s energy and passion and her dedication to outside the classroom education focussed on nature and “our place”. Learning at the Nursery Education Centre was held outside with its tracks, bush, restoration areas and ponds. With the changing covid situation, outreach to schools continued the learning and connecting people with place.

Bronwyn will keep her connection with the SCN using and sharing the learnings and resources she has built up over the years here. We wish Bronwyn all the best for the future and hope to keep connecting for our shared passions and goals. We hope to arrange a special Nursery morning tea in springtime for Bronwyn to celebrate the successes and give her our massive heartfelt thanks for everything she has done for the Nursery and outside the classroom education in Southland.

Watch this space for exciting new developments for Education at the Community Nursery.