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After school potting up – First Session 14 March 2018

For the Otatara school PRIDE award one of the clauses is to pot up 10 native seedlings and maintain them until they are ready to be used in a restoration project. I was approached by a year 6 student, which resulted in the Southland Community Nursery offering an “after school volunteer time” to replicate what we do on a normal volunteer Friday morning – which of course will easily meet the requirements of this award.

We had 9 Otatara school students attend our first session, where we potted up native cabbage tree seedlings, and processed cabbage tree and flax seeds (as to pot up seedlings you have to grow them first from seeds!). It was great to see the students engaged in learning how the community nursery operates and for them to take responsibility for what they are doing during this volunteer time. I am looking forward to our next session.


Bluff School visit – Tuesday 13 February 2018

An excited and enthusiastic group of Bluff schoolchildren came to the Nursery and Education Centre on Tuesday 13 February. After checking out the orchard and its ripening apples and the worm farm, they all helped out with some nursery work “potting” small cabbage tree seedlings and learning about tui and bellbirds liking cabbage tree flowers and berries. The group then had some kai, worked in teams to do the big jigsaws and then went for a “bush walk” around the pond tracks. Using their senses of touch, smell, sight and hearing they enjoyed doing the sensory scavenger hunt. Back at the nursery the children used up any excess energy racing around the circles in the paddock and finding their special native plant at the end of the circles.


Roslyn Bush Playcentre visit Thursday 8 February 2018

The Roslyn Bush Playcentre children and adults started their morning adventure walking through the apple orchard and vege gardens, stopping to check out the worms in the bath tub! Then it was a quick explore of the nature centre before heading out on a treasure hunt using our senses of touch, smell, look and hearing. We talked a lot about pests on the way around the pond, with many of the children already aware of what kind of pests we do not want in our forests – tumeke! We also potted up some kowhai seedlings, making sure the roots were down in the dark soil and the shoots were up. Scattering stones on the surface of the newly planted seedlings was fun and they knew that watering is needed to keep these precious seedlings alive. A bigger kowhai was taken back to the Roslyn Bush Playcentre to be planted – we look forward to hearing how well it grows!


Foraging with Maggie and Chris - 7 March 2018

Come along and forage for wild foods with Maggie and Chris on Wednesday 7 March 2018, 6.30pm. Park at 183 Grant Road carpark and we will meet you there. No need to book but bring along $5 to learn about wild foods and sample some of the foraged delights on offer.


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