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Christmas Breakup Friday 15 December 2017

The Community Nursery will celebrate the year by having a Christmas Break-up for volunteers and supporters on Friday morning 15 December 2017.

Bring along some yummy food to share, help decorate the Nature Centre and have fun catching up with friends. If you havent been for a while come along and share the fun. There will be boat building activities for children and no doubt other activities too!

We will have native plants available for your last minute Christmas gifts or planting projects, or that native Christmas tree! 

We will also have Honorlea with her “Kakariki Natural Beauty” pop-up shop 10am-2pm - those last minute Christmas gifts, all made of natural products, will go down really well - please bring cash! To see a range of Honorleas products - see photos below and more on the News page of her pop-up shop at a recent workshop.

If you cant make it on the 15th, thanks for all your work and support this year - we really appreciate it.


Waverley Park School 1 December 2017

Waverley Park students were on a mission – to find out about native plants and choose some for their school garden. Chris led the group around the pond with each student looking for their special native plant – matching cards to plants in the field. Touching, smelling and leaf shape helped identify a range of natives.

Back in the nursery, the students chose a range of native plants to take back to school for their planting project giving the nursery a donation to cover the coast of the plants..


Gladstone Keas 28 November 2017

The Gladstone Keas ventured partway around the Pond Circuit Track using our senses to connect with all the really special NZ native trees and other living things in our community nursery forest - through look, smell, touch and listening. The different leaf shape, colour, smell and roughness; the spotting of seed pods and flowers; and talk about the extinct moa all featured with some awesome theorising and question asking by the Keas.

The potting up groups managed to pot up around 40 cabbage tree seedlings with enthusiasm! The young cabbage tree seedlings look like flax and are brown so quite different from the green trees seen around the pond that are flowering so well at the moment.

A quick run around the freshly mown grass circles expended the last of the Keas energy before they headed home.


Waverley Keas 28 November 2017

The Waverley Keas and leaders went to the Southland Community Nursery. They potted up 54 kowhai seedlings. The Keas did this to help the community nursery add to the 10,000 native plants that the volunteers at the nursery grow every year, which is helping the environment. The community nursery helps supply the plants for projects. Plants have been used for example at Bushy Point, Otatara and the planting of the scooter track at Otatara School. The Keas went on a scavenger hunt in the bush. Some of the things they had to find was something with an unpleasant smell, something sticky, something with a pleasant smell and something that made a noise. That one was easy because the Keas talked like a bunch of birds! The Keas had a great fantastic time and I heard Kiwi (one of the Kea Leaders) say that this place is amazing.

Reported by Liam Graham. Photos by Liam Graham

Natural Body Products Workshop 25 November 2017

Honorlea held a Christmas workshop at the nursery on Saturday 25 November 2017. The aim was for participants to learn about and then make various products to take away including soaps, lip scrubs, body scrubs. As previously, Honorlea imparts lots of useful information and help with the hands on activity and everyone went away well satisfied with their efforts (and with lots of personally made Christmas gifts!).

An added bonus was the pop-up shop where Honorlea brought lots of extra products with her “Kakariki Natural Beauty” brand. They included many different soaps, perfumes, lip balms, body scrubs, moisturisers and then handy packs so people can make up products themselves.

Honorlea will have a pop-up shop at the Community Nursery on Friday 15 December from 10am-2pm for anyone wanting to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends, please bring cash.


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