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Promoting physical activity in nature, and nature for mental well being - HPE Days February 2021

Being a part of the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum days run by Sport Southland at the ILT stadium gave us the opportunity to promote activity in nature for both our physical and mental well being. While we couldn’t take the forest to the stadium we had NZ native bird footage playing on the tv and tree leaves to match up and identify. We also got the students to grow a tree, writing on a leaf something they love to do in nature, or how nature makes them feel. About 270 leaves were added to our tree!!! Things the tamariki like to do out in nature included exploring the bush, walking, relaxing in the sun, watching and listening to birds, climbing trees, looking at and smelling flowers, spending family time, orienteering, running, biking, looking for odd shaped clouds, breathing, playing in the wild and bug hunting. How nature makes them feel included happy, calm, special, free, amazing, peaceful, energetic, feeling alive and refreshed. One leaf read “nature is freedom…an escape from the hustle of life”. Naure certainly is good for our physical and mental well being. It was great to make connections with some of the 1200 students and teachers from about 30 Southland schools.