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Plant Identification and Seed Workshops in March 22

During March we have hosted three groups for plant ID, seed collecting and cleaning workshops. The groups included Bluff Motupohue Trust, Te Tapu o Tāne and Hokonui Rūnanga – all groups starting up native plant nurseries with large ambitious planting projects.

Key messages were around knowing the projects and areas the plants are targeted for, identifying the plants you want to collect from in the field, knowing what the seed looks like when they are mature and timing of collection and the treatments for cleaning and storing seeds. Most of the content of my part of the workshop used the resources from our website as well as going out and looking at seeds in the bush.

Meanwhile, at the Oreti Totara Dune Forest, Jesse Bythell took two sessions specifically on plant identification in the field.

Back in the Education Centre we also did some hands-on seed cleaning and looked closely at all the seeds recently collected and in various stages of preparation.

Passing on knowledge and learning from each-other is a key part of what we do here at the Community Nursery and we look forward to working together for nature in the future.