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Community Nursery Break up for Winter

Friday 7th July will be the last Nursery session before closing for winter.

The last month has been busy with seed cleaning and sowing and for the last couple of weeks propagating plants from cuttings. Also, various nursery fix-up jobs, weeding and building a bookcase for the Nature Centre. Brian and I have also taken the opportunity to visit lots of properties (of folks who come to the Nursery) in the last month to give advice on planting and restoration. It’s also been the start of plantings – like Barry Smiths 75th anniversary (no he’s not that old!) of the Southland Tramping Club with a planting at the Oreti Totara Dune Forest on 3rd dune, next is Te Rere Penguin Reserve planting on 19 August and then Bushy Point annual planting on Sunday 10 September. If you are interested in any of these planting events email Chris for more details.

This Friday (7 July) will be a chance to catch up before going into winter hibernation. Bring your best baking!!

We will aim to open again Friday 1 September 23